UBER goes the long way round

According to Aengus Montgomery, in designweek.com “The transportation company has rebranded with a new identity that can adapt to every country it operates in.”

A lot of clutter and a confusing message.
A lot of clutter and a confusing message.

We are not convinced and nor are the global design community. Here is just one comment:

Well that’s what you get for branding in house. That took two years? Previous logo was not great. The new Black square with type is nice and I get it. Its a word, it works. Then they have gone off and developed aload of stuff that is expressing the personality in a different way. The App icon is confusing…its has a square in the middle…thats the connection? Someone somewhere has got confused. I like the black logo, the rest is seriously confusing as is the way the article talks about it. The brand has too many elements and is saying too many things. Thats what happens when you don’t know how to built a brand language. But I am sure it will make little difference to their brand.

Bar and Restaurant Branding.

DNA have created Identities for some of the most successful Irish Bars and Restaurants, both in Ireland and abroad. Our work includes branding, interior design, props, printed materials, marketing and launch materials. We have successfully helped Publicans and Restaurant owners, in Ireland, Continental Europe, The US of A and Latin America.

Ireland, Dublin: Nemo, Planet Murphy, The Palace Nightclub, Camden DeLuxe Hotel, Ri-Ra, The Globe, The Viperoom, Republica Night Club,  The Tube, Barmondo, Mono, O’Sheas. Europe:
Wilde, Brussells. USA: Fiddlesticks, New York. Latin America: 
Bar do John, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.


Name: Mimo
Location: Powerscourt Townhouse Center, Dublin.
Proprietor: Daragh O’Regan

Mimo in The Powerscourt Townhouse in Dublin, 11m counter lightbox instalation, signage, menu and book mark design.
Mimo in The Powerscourt Townhouse Dublin. Our work included a 11m counter lightbox instalation, signage, menu design and other launch materials.

Mimo. We were at the table when the name Mimo was decided. One of the team said it and immediately every one present felt that it was right. The seafood restaurant would opened for breakfast, lunch and would be a champagne venue in the evening and into the night. The distinctive Georgian architecture demanded a strong, cultured, almost ‘high-brow’ approach. The identity needed to be solid but discreet, The management company in the Powerscourt Townhouse had strict rules with regard to branding – everything needing to be in-tone with the building and its substantial history.

After much though we decided to present an identity based on the Japanese poetic artform called Haiku. Once the concept was approved, which was almost as quick as the name was decided we set too developing the actual content. Our main ‘piece’ was an 11 meter light installation which ran underneath the counter. This depicted a natural scene and was overlayed by a Haiku…

When I turned my head
That traveller I’d just passed…
Melted in the mist.

In addition to the light box installation we design bookmarks and menus. We also created signage which was placed on glass dividers.


Name: Planet Murphy
Location: Camden Street, Dublin
Proprietor: Larry Crowe

The name Planet Murphy was the brainchild of Larry Crowe the owner of Planet Murphy, The Palace Pool hall and Flanagan’s Bar on Camden Street. Larry’s idea was simple, an Irish version of Planet Hollywood. He contacted DNA to organize this. This might seem like a tall order to most design studios but not DNA. Pat Quinn takes up the story …


Name: Nemo Cafe Bar
Location: Dunlaoghaire, Co. Dublin.
Proprietor: Philip Mahon


Nemo Cafe Bar was located beside the Dun Laoghaire College of Art & Design and the owners of the bar wanted an identity which appealed to that demographic as well as being a place to stop and have a coffee during the day. DNA was called in to help with the full identity of the bar, including name development, interior design , branding and marketing. At that time (1998), there was a trend in short names. 2 syllable short names were de riguer. One possible reason for this trend was the rebranding of The Museum of Modern Art in New York to MOMA. As often happens in DN*A the name came very quickly – Dun Laoghaire being a Port, the proximity of the Art College and the necessity for a short name combined and NEMO was born.

DN*A worked directly with the interior designers and our approach was to created several large ‘nautical’ canvases (10) to support the new name. To add intrigue to the canvases we placed icon buildings in an underwater environments. Instantly recognisable icons such as The Eifel Tower, The Mona Lisa, The Statue of Liberty etc etc where all used to create a recognisable identity. To further reason for thought we placed future dates on each image suggesting a future catastropy, sufficiently distant so as not to cause and anxiety.

The identity was a huge success, the bar was literally back out from the moment the doors were opened. During the day the identity, which included menus and signage had a calming effect on shoppers from the adjacent Dun Laoghaire Shopping Center.


Name: Barmondo
Location: Bray, Co. Wicklow
Proprietor: Philip Mahon


Name: Bar do John
Location: Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Proprietor: John Bell


Name: The Earl Bar and Pyramid Nightclub
Location: Dundalk, Ireland


Name: The Village Venue
Location: Wexford Street, Dublin
Proprietor: Frank Gleeson

The Village was a DNA name development and branding project.
The Village was a DNA name development and branding project.

Consolidate your brand at Christmas.

A christmas card is a great way to say thank you and consolidate your brand. Here is a design we did for an events management company, on the inside left there was a list of all the events they were managing over the christmas season.


DNA, 57 Dame Street, Dublin. The beginning.

1997 was the year that Karl Mooney, Pat Quinn and Sarah Kingston viewed the property on 57 Dame Street. Karl and Pat moved into the offices in the middle of the year.

Early work included the curation of the items for Larry Crowe’s Planet Murphy, identity work for the Richard Green’s Viperoom, Interior imagery for Nemo and a variety of other projects which we hope to add to the blog over time.

57 dame street the first home of DNA*
57 dame street the first home of DNA*. Photo: Google maps.